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Main Mission Three: Squander fifty million Galaxy Dollars in one year. Mission Rewards: Fifty attribute points, one small special meteorite. Failure Penalty: Fifty points to be deducted from the Hosts base attributes. Points will be deducted at random from Strength, Agility, Health, Reflexes, Sexual Capability, and Outer Appearance.


In the Tower of Trials, everyone had their own private, undisturbed space. He could also hide the fact that he had passed the levels—why would he go there if he was the one who had passed all the levels?


“This mysterious genius has completed level 30.” An Elder said in a deep voice, “This type of super-genius might not come around even in a thousand years. Therefore, I have decided to activate the first plan of sending out our strongest troop, the Nine Sha Luos, to Faerie Star to search for the Green Pheonix, Kris Sudarian, for information.”


“Oh?” Hearing the guard’s report, Yin Lieyang nodded in satisfaction and said, “Not bad. Tell them to do this nicely. After they’ve wiped out this batch of Zergs, I will help to apply a Second-grade Honor for him! He will definitely be rewarded with what he deserves! Haha, it’s everyone’s duty to kill the Zergs, tell him to fight this battle nicely!”


All right, your one true love was actually a prodigal, a super one at that—honestly speaking, he wondered what her expression would be like if she knew the truth.


“Simple, five hundred thousand Galaxy Dollars.” The man with eagle eyes did not stand on ceremony at all. “I will stay here after that. Just let me know if you need me to retrieve someone’s head for you.”

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What ideas can he have? Yin Lieyang said, perplexed. I admit that I have quite a lot of experience when it comes to business, but no matter how hard I think, I cant figure out what he is doing.


You The mysterious old man helplessly said, Ive never seen someone go against their sons in this manner. Haha!


The reason was simple, he wanted to return to Earth. He even got the coordinates. But he could not do so…


“That’s possible. Sigh, maybe, he even fused with a soul stone before. After all, if a person fused with a soul stone dies, the corpse will become a soul stone again. If this Hong Dali was really lucky enough, it’s possible that he met a dying ability user and obtained his soul stone.”


“I already completed it. It’s not very interesting. And it doesn’t require any money.” Hong Dali sniffled and picked up an attribute gem. It was gem processing time!


I have a relatively big store on level seventy-one. That is the floor that sells pets. The middle-aged man hung his head down and said abjectly, Frankly speaking, the shop is quite big. Its a pity. Quite a long time ago, about two years, my supplier encountered a Main City-level beast while hunting. He was only a Second-Order Planet Warrior, how could he win? Just like that, he died on that planet.


Simply put, the inside of the pawnshop was like a huge empty warehouse—from the walls to the second level, to all the furniture and appliances, everything was broken into pieces and scattered all over. Nothing was left intact. Nothing except the toilet Luo Qiang was hiding in…



Speaking of which, the attributes of the accessories in the shop were average and not too valuable. However, they were beautiful



En, first, in order to advance, there are two ways. First, pass level twenty-four of the Tower of Trials and become a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. But it would be tough within 1.5 months. The other way is to wait for the assessment test to challenge a yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat. There are risks in this option, and Im not confident. If it were doing business, I could follow and earn a little.


Aiya, Big Bro Dali, dont be so humble. Tianyi quickly cozied up to Hong Dali and smiled. Your shops are sure to profit. Why else would you sell one equipment a day like rubbish? Even if we are Honorary Aristocrats, that couldnt possibly support your squandering ways, right? Thats why you must have something else up your sleeves. How about you share it?


“Freak, abnormal!” Fei Hong stared at the big screen for a while again. Then, he suddenly looked at Jiang Qianxue who had been looking at the screen and not moved at all for a long time. He secretly thought to himself: “From the looks of it, Master’s mood is even more agitated than mine. Sigh, if this carries on, this extremely powerful super-genius might be involved with the taboo of the Galaxy Aristocracy…”

  • Honestly speaking, any person who managed to become an Honorary Aristocrat would definitely not be stupid. He touched the weapon and in just a little more than seconds, a host of possible outcomes flashed through his head. Without saying another word, he threw twenty thousand Galaxy Dollars on the ground and prepared to leave.
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